Mom Must-Haves


Lula-Roo? Lula-Row?

Regardless, I caved.

I broke down and jumped on the mommy bandwagon and bought LulaRoe. That’s right, those loud, outlandish leggings and the comfy, flowy, wear to bed, wear to church, named after an old lady shirt (Irma).

I love me some leggings. I wore them frequently when I lived in Miami and weighed 30 pounds lighter. But they fell out of my wardrobe after discovering mom bod doesn’t squeeze into leggings anymore without making them slightly transparent in all the wrong places. Therefore, I don’t wear leggings in public…. until LulaRoe. I’ll wear those crazy, comfy, clown pants anywhere and shout LulaRoe from the roof tops (as soon as a figure out how to pronounce it). In the meantime, I’ll be joining all the Lula Facebook groups in hopes that I will stumble upon solid tops and the least outlandish prints while storing my pennies for my next purchase.

Here are some of my favorite groups to follow:

Jami Lynne LulaRoe

LulaRoe Tracy Foster

Shop LulaRoe Cora Brown

I know my co-blogger Dani has a number of groups she follows too.  Hopefully she can add to this list for your stretchy-pants-shopping pleasures.

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