Fearless Faith

Joy in the 9th

Having my twins put God into a completely different perspective for me.  He made my body capable of growing two humans inside.  What a masterpiece He created when He gave me the ability to grow 20 tiny fingers, 20 tiny toes, 2 beating hearts… 2 miraculous brains.  As I learn more and more about the brain I’m in awe that I had the opportunity to grow their tiny brains.  But, growing their brains doesn’t stop at birth and as they are wrapping up their 9th month on earth I’m evaluating whether or not I’ve helped their brains grow and develop the way God intended.  Their 9th month is the most critical time for brain development and growth and the most important time for bonding.

A family member shared this podcast with me and I wanted to share with you all because it focuses about how essential it is for joy to be fed into their lives in their 9th month of life.  The podcast is an interview with Dr. Jim Wilder about how our brains are programed to default to joy. The second episode of this series is the one that focuses on the 9th month.  Introducing joy into the lives of 9 month olds allows them to develop the best emotional capacity which will allow them to deal with trauma and difficult situations later in life.

Mommas with 9 month olds may be asking, what can we do to help our babies build their emotional capacity?  Put down your phone, turn off the TV and get on the floor with your baby.  Smile and smile again, talk to your baby, cheer and clap, play and interact.  Bond with them, explore with them and be present.  If you are not a stay at home parent, make sure someone you trust is able to be present to help feed joy into your baby.  Is the 9th month hard? You bet.  There are teeth forcing their way through their sweet baby faces, there are bumps and bruises as they are navigating the world, but despite the difficulties that the 9th month may bring to parents, we need to remember to love and show joy.

If you’ve never heard of nuerotheology, I highly recommend you do some reading up on it.  It’s fascinating to see and read the impact religion has on our brains and whether or not we are hardwired for God.


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