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Meal Planning Crash Course: Week One of October


Other than the small piece I wrote to serve as a mini-autobiography, I’ve yet to contribute to this fabulous blog.  As mentioned, I have three kiddos…one of which is brand new– and while the adjustment to life with a big, middle, and little isn’t as difficult as I had anticipated, it’s still an adjustment…and adjustments can be physically, mentally, and creatively draining.  So I decided that I would do a blog on meal planning, because I assumed that would require the least amount of creative juice– and I think I was right…kind of.  However, as I’m working on this, I’m realizing that the expertise I had acquired during my web design class from summer school in the late 1990’s isn’t terribly applicable to what I’m doing now…20 years later.

To those of you who know me, this may come as a surprise to see that I’ve written an entry on the blog about meal planning.  Please know that my intent is to share weekly meal plans of the most simplistic “easy-to-throw-together-and-have-leftovers-for-the-next-day’s-lunch” type of meals.  Basically, I’m just sharing with you what our family is eating to give you a fresh idea for your family’s menu.  I hope to have the next week’s menu posted by Wednesday each week, so you can prepare for the grocery store, if needed.  ALSO: I plan 5 meals a week.  That leaves one night for leftovers and one night for dining with family/outside of the home.  The majority of the meals you will see are not super healthy…and none of them are conscious of gluten, dairy, or other allergies that are so prevalent; however, if you would be willing to leave a comment on how you’ve tweaked the recipes to make them more “diet friendly” or “dairy/egg/gluten free” or even just better overall (I’m not a chef and I won’t be offended), we would LOVE your input.

October 2017

Week One:
Mama Mary’s “Homemade” Pizzas
Chili (we pair this with a cornbread mix that happens to be gluten free and delicious)
Chili Dogs (I feel like this is self explanatory, but: Prepare hotdog, then cover with leftover chili and cheese.  Have a salad on the side so you’re having something that your body will thank you for.)
Sandwiches (I linked my latest favorite.  I had it for lunches regularly when I was following Weight Watchers. ♥)
Burritos (If you don’t bake them, they can be prepared in bulk, SaranWrapped, frozen, and microwaved for later consumption.)

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