Welcome to Birds of a Feather!

This is a space for all mommas who want to collaborate, find support, share stories, learn new things, seek faith, laugh, cry and be human (because we’re not perfect).  Why “Birds of a Feather”?  Because we have to flock together… in faith, in motherhood, in life.  Lets pick each other up when we fall, keep each other warm when the world feels cold, and defend each other through the tribulations of life (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).

ecclesiastes 4_9

About the Authors:

Dani Nistendirk

Hello!  I’m Dani, obviously.  I have three lovely littles that my husband affectionately refers to as “The Neapolitan Nistendirks”: Journey (7– blondie), Jett (not quite 2– ginger), and Indie (brand new as of September 1– brunette like MOM ♥).  In addition to the humans, we have Summit (3– brindle Presa Canario) and October (10– white English Bulldog).  I’ve been married to my bald-headed, heavily-tattooed teammate and best friend since Christmas Eve 2014.  Most of my experience in working outside the home was in the realm of early childhood education…I’ve taught preschool or otherwise worked with children for more years than I’m willing to admit, because it makes me sound…old.  While I sooo miss having a classroom and assessment deadlines and connections with new families and a paycheck, nothing compares to the title of “Mom” and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to use my educational background and experience while it’s applicable with my own children.  Also, in case you plan to get me a Christmas, birthday, or other holiday gift: I dislike most vegetables, peanuts, or anything with a funny texture– I like snack cakes, the color black, photography, traveling to state/national parks, lightweight jackets, Lipsense or Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, fundraising for nonprofits, and fresh flowers.

Hilary Swindler

Hi all! I’m fairly new at this motherhood thing… but keeping my head above water – so far.  I’ve been married for 2 years to a fella who is a perfectionist craftsman and dedicated dad.  We have 9 month old twins (Steven and Vaida).  Before I became a stay at home mom, I worked for a local university in international student admissions.  I LOVED my job in international ed but not nearly as much as I LOVE being with the tiny humans we brought into this world.  I’m a small town girl who moved to the big city, and then moved back to a small town close to the Kansas City area.  We have 9 acres with 3 horses (Cheyenne, Lizzy, and Diesel), a pet cow named Red whose over at her boyfriends for the next couple months in hopes that we will get a calf, an indoor dog (Boolz), and an indoor cat (Tika).  I love having chickens but we had a fox massacre last spring and I’m awaiting construction on a new and improved coop.  I love being outdoors, gardening, camping, and horseback riding.