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Life hack: Non-Slip Toddler Booties

My 13 month old toddlers will NOT keep socks on. They pull them off by the toes of the socks and just giggle. It’s been so cold here and I hate them having bare toes, especially on our tiled kitchen floor. 

I bought some booties off of Amazon…. because I buy everything on Amazon. At the time that I purchased them the description said they had a non-slip sole. But the striped version that I bought didn’t have the non-slip bottoms. I complained in a review and they’ve since changed the description. I considered sending them back but they’re just too stinking cute. I came across a “life hack” option to use fabric paint on the bottom of toddler socks to add a non-slip texture. A lightbulb went off… the adorable booties can be saved!!! 

I had some 3D fabric paint on hand that I used for our Christmas stockings, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. The fabric paint cake from Hobby Lobby and I paid $1.29 for 1 fl. oz.  

Mission Motherhood

DIY Party Flag Banner

Happy Sunday, friends!  Today is a day for rest, Jesus, and craft projects. 

My first-time-mom paranoia is heightened  as cold and flu season starts so we watched church on Facebook Live this morning.  The idea of sending the twins to church nursery when EVERYTHING goes in their mouths freaks me out. I love that our church offers the option to watch from home!  The kiddos were peacefully napping and I was in my pajamas… but still at church. 

After church I worked on the twins’ birthday party decor.  The will be 1 in 5 weeks and we’re putting together a barnyard birthday party. Today I worked on their bandana flag banner. It has been so easy to put together and super cheap.  


  • 10 Bandanas (I used these ones – but you could use any kind of fabric or even paper) 
  • Jute twine (you can also buy at any craft store)
  • Hot glue gun (and about 10-12 hot glue sticks to refill it)


  • Cut your fabric into triangles. I cut mine 5 inches wide and 8 inches long. (I purposefully wanted scraps to make a high chair banners like the ones below)
  • Lay your jute twine out and run a bead of hot glue about a 1/4 inch from the top of your flag. 
  • Fold the top of your flag around the twine and press it into the hot glue. (Warning: its hot glue so don’t burn yourself)
  • Space them out as you like. I spaced mine 5 inches (the same width of the flag). I also saw some on Pinterest that had the flags right up next to each other with no spacing between. 
  • Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle and cut an inch long slit in one side. Slide the end of your twin into the slit and wrap your banner around the cardboard as you go (making sure your hot glue is completely cool and dry before your wrap). 

Final product


  • You could do any kind of fabric or even paper to accommodate an endless amount of party decor themes… burlap, lace, scrapbook paper with letters to spell something out, you could even buy fabric scraps from your local fabric store for next to nothing… the possibilities are endless.  
  • Don’t stress about the fabric pattern or of the cuts aren’t perfect. When it’s hanging you won’t be able to see those imperfections. 

I’ll share more pictures when we have them hung at our barnyard parts in a month. Happy party planning!

Happy Homesteading

DIY Kitchen Remodel & Marriage 

About a year ago, my husband and I bought a 1978 brick ranch on 9 acres. We bought it from the original owner who lived in it for 40 years. Not much had changed in the house since 1978 (other than the kitchen carpet that was replaced 10 years ago with a lovely berber). That’s right, kitchen carpet (bleh). And my grandma always says, “the messier a kitchen gets the better the food is” and I cook by that motto and carpet just ain’t gonna fly!

The kitchen layout is great – tons of counter space, ample cabinets, a large pantry, a place for high chairs and a window that looks out onto our sun porch and into the back yard.

So the kitchen is currently under construction and getting a bit of a facelift. But, if any of you married folks have ever done a home remodel with your significant other you know what I’m talking about when I tell you the devil is at work! Marriage takes work. Marriage with infant twins is hard work. Marriage with infant twins and a home remodel, whew!  We’re talking whole different level of hard.

When I worked full time at my former desk job the first 15 min of my day and the last 15 min of my day consisted of making to-do list.  Reviewing my goals for the day, crossing off things, modifying the list, setting goals for the week, etc.  I managed a staff of 7 full time and 10 part time employees, so taking the time to do this was a must to keep me sane and on top of projects.  So for me, working through this kitchen remodel puts me in project manager mode.  What are our goals for the day? The week? The month?

My husband… not a list maker… not the kind of person to make a list just for the sake of crossing things off.  Is he detail oriented? Yes. Is he crafty, clever, skilled, capable…. ? Yes, all of those things.  “We’ll see how it goes”, is his timeline and I’m over here like…. “but what’s next? how much is that going to be? how long does it take to do that? what are the steps to do this?”  We’ve had friends and family help us with baby sitting so we can work on the kitchen and during that time I try to maximize every minute so we can make some headway… but sometimes it takes 20 minutes to pick out a blue box that the electrical outlets will be housed in because there are too many options at Home Depot.  And sometimes we have to pause and watch all of the YouTube videos to make sure we’re using the paint sprayer right.

You’d think with twins I’d be more accustomed to playing it by ear… but I’m learning that I’m much better at flying by the seat of my pants as a mother than I am as a “project manager”.  What have I learned in all this? The kitchen will be done when the kitchen is done.  Sometimes there are road blocks and detours. Sometimes we need to watch one more YouTube tutorial and sometimes we need to stay a couple nights at my mom’s so I have access to a working kitchen and the babes aren’t exposed to paint fumes. I know I haven’t been that patient up to this point… but I will be patient.  I will encourage my husband and cheer for his successes when he’s not totally sure what he’s doing.  When it is all said and done I know we’ll have our beautiful farm house kitchen that looks like one of these images we’ve pulled off of Pinterest.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about the pros and cons of hiring someone to paint your cabinets or doing them yourself (and how we stayed on budget).