Fearless Faith

Finding beauty in chaos

Whew! Monday… what a day.  The day has felt quite chaotic but if we’re not trying to find beauty in the chaos we’re wasting our lives and failing to see God’s beautiful works. 

For example: 

The twins have slept through the night for the last week (mostly) but last night I was up 3 times… perhaps growth spurts or teething.  But, as of yesterday, the babes now call me Mama, our boy started taking a few steps at a time yesterday and our girl is standing on her own… so I’m willing to lose a little sleep for growth spurts. 

The dog has anal gland issues which calls for a vet. You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to take 11 month old twins AND a dog to a vet’s office.  The beauty in anal glands, you ask? There is a mobile vet that can be here this afternoon to take care of her. 

Half of my kitchen is out of commission as we are half way through installing our backsplash. The backsplash is looking beautiful, the husband and I got to spend some quality time together yesterday putting it in, and I have a dishwasher that was installed over the weekend… so sacrificing half of my kitchen to have all of these beautiful things… WORTH IT! 

The guys who are supposed to install our gutters today (after waiting for 4 months of them) showed up with truck issues that will delay install for another day… but we have a roof over our heads. 

It’s laundry day. When I say laundry day, I mean I’ve gathered the week’s dirty laundry and have made piles in the laundry room that won’t be put away for another 3 days. But we have clothes to wear, and a washer and dryer to ease the laundry duties. 

I have been chicken-less since the spring when a nasty little fox got our flock. But today, a friend’s mom is giving me 6 of her chickens because they are moving soon and can’t keep them. 

Today, I challenge you to find the most annoying things about your Monday and share your beauties. ❤️ Embrace the chaos of motherhood.   

Mission Motherhood

Parents as Teachers 

Has anyone utilized the services of Parents as Teachers

Our local school district offers Parents as Teachers as a service to families in our community. The idea of Parents as Teachers is to help support parents in the community be the best parents they can be by providing educational resources. As a first time mom to twins I am far from a parenting expert so I will take all the community support I can get. 

We had our first home visit for our 10 month old twins a couple weeks ago and I’m so impressed with the program. We had someone come to our house to meet the babies and talk more about the program. When she came in our house she already knew the kids by name… “This must be Steven and this must be Vaida”. She was so excited to meet them. She brought a Mary Poppins bag and everything to come out of it was the best thing ever – according to the twins. 

She asked me questions about our life – our general routine, family roles, what we like doing as family, how we’re adjusting to life as parents, if I had any concerns or needed help with anything and we talked a lot about what the kids are doing developmentally.  She let me know that she has a lot of resources at her fingertips and if there was anything I needed information about or help with I could call/text/email. It could be anything from questions about helping them sleep through the night, developmentally appropriate activities, or even age appropriate events in the community that I could take the twins to.  

She played with the kids, watched them interact and brought different toys to see what they do with them. She brought a big stainless steel bowl and some wood blocks and she would put the blocks in the bowl and see if the kids tried to do the same. She gave me some literature to read and we talked about some different activities that I could do with the kids that would help with their development.  We’ve scheduled for her to come back in 6 weeks since so much happens developmentally right now.  I’m looking forward to our next visit!  I don’t know how many school districts around the U.S. offer this type of program but I would definitely encourage you to find out if your area has a similar service. 

Happy Homesteading

DIY Kitchen Remodel & Marriage 

About a year ago, my husband and I bought a 1978 brick ranch on 9 acres. We bought it from the original owner who lived in it for 40 years. Not much had changed in the house since 1978 (other than the kitchen carpet that was replaced 10 years ago with a lovely berber). That’s right, kitchen carpet (bleh). And my grandma always says, “the messier a kitchen gets the better the food is” and I cook by that motto and carpet just ain’t gonna fly!

The kitchen layout is great – tons of counter space, ample cabinets, a large pantry, a place for high chairs and a window that looks out onto our sun porch and into the back yard.

So the kitchen is currently under construction and getting a bit of a facelift. But, if any of you married folks have ever done a home remodel with your significant other you know what I’m talking about when I tell you the devil is at work! Marriage takes work. Marriage with infant twins is hard work. Marriage with infant twins and a home remodel, whew!  We’re talking whole different level of hard.

When I worked full time at my former desk job the first 15 min of my day and the last 15 min of my day consisted of making to-do list.  Reviewing my goals for the day, crossing off things, modifying the list, setting goals for the week, etc.  I managed a staff of 7 full time and 10 part time employees, so taking the time to do this was a must to keep me sane and on top of projects.  So for me, working through this kitchen remodel puts me in project manager mode.  What are our goals for the day? The week? The month?

My husband… not a list maker… not the kind of person to make a list just for the sake of crossing things off.  Is he detail oriented? Yes. Is he crafty, clever, skilled, capable…. ? Yes, all of those things.  “We’ll see how it goes”, is his timeline and I’m over here like…. “but what’s next? how much is that going to be? how long does it take to do that? what are the steps to do this?”  We’ve had friends and family help us with baby sitting so we can work on the kitchen and during that time I try to maximize every minute so we can make some headway… but sometimes it takes 20 minutes to pick out a blue box that the electrical outlets will be housed in because there are too many options at Home Depot.  And sometimes we have to pause and watch all of the YouTube videos to make sure we’re using the paint sprayer right.

You’d think with twins I’d be more accustomed to playing it by ear… but I’m learning that I’m much better at flying by the seat of my pants as a mother than I am as a “project manager”.  What have I learned in all this? The kitchen will be done when the kitchen is done.  Sometimes there are road blocks and detours. Sometimes we need to watch one more YouTube tutorial and sometimes we need to stay a couple nights at my mom’s so I have access to a working kitchen and the babes aren’t exposed to paint fumes. I know I haven’t been that patient up to this point… but I will be patient.  I will encourage my husband and cheer for his successes when he’s not totally sure what he’s doing.  When it is all said and done I know we’ll have our beautiful farm house kitchen that looks like one of these images we’ve pulled off of Pinterest.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about the pros and cons of hiring someone to paint your cabinets or doing them yourself (and how we stayed on budget).